Merchant Facility

Having a Merchant Facility means you can accept credit card payments from customers or in sponsoring new Distributors. Establishing Merchant Facilities with your current bank will be a difficult process unless you already have a business trading record that meets their requirements. There are a number of easy alternatives, three of which are detailed below.

Alternative 1. WESTPAC provides a special Merchant Facility for Herbalife distributors with an easy application and approval process ... phone them on   1 800 029 749.

Alternative 2. United Payments provides facilities to accept credit cards on your behalf (ie: they have the "Merchant Facility" not you) ... their style of service may suite you. You can check them out  Here ... make sure you are fully aware of their fees especially the "Early Exit Fee".

Alternative 3. PAYPAL HERE. This system uses a card reader (provided FREE by PayPal) that attaches to your mobile phone, the phone is used as the transmitter. Details at

Note: We have not personally used any of the above services and including them here is not a recommendation ... you need to establish your own need for a Merchant Facility and which one is most suitable for you. Understand that a contract maybe involved.

Get 20 Keep 20

Get 20 Keep 20 Gauges as uses in South Korea (updated August 2012) here. Note: these gauges should be used exactly as they are. Check with your upline TAB Team Member for guidance before you substitute these for anything you currently use in your System.

Quickstart/Advanced/Utimate Cellular Nutrition Posters

A4 Quickstart/Advanced/Utimate Cellular Nutrition Posters (Fast/Faster/Fastest) are downloadable for use in Wellness Evaluations here

Healthy Breakfast

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System Pipeline

Download the System Pipeline here

How to do 10,000 volume plus every month.

Training with Joana Guyonnet Dated June 2013 Part 1 here Part 2 here

Shake Parties/Business Launches

Training with Ellen Blackmore Training Video 1
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Training with Carolina Colic here


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STS Marketing Plan here Updated February 2015 Please note you will not be able to see a view of this presentation online but you be able to download the PowerPoint presentation.


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